A Stormy Day in The Interlake

Stormy day on Lake Winnipeg

Summer is always a great time to visit the lake. Unlike the middle of January, the beaches are packed with bathers, the concession stands are busy and there are tourists everywhere.

Every summer in June and September, the artisans of the Interlake hold a big open house event called “The Wave”. You can spend the day driving along the scenic routes of the Interlake to visit dozens of studios and see all sorts of artistic wares. Among the artisans are painters, photographers, stained glass workers, metal workers, jewellery makers, fibre artists, musical instrument makers and more. It is a feast for the eyes of beautiful things!

We go up every year to visit our favourite artists, plus add a few more we hadn’t time to visit the year before. There are so many, you really can’t see it all in one go! But we got a bit of a late start this year, so after visiting Paul Hammer at the Winnipeg Beach Photography Gallery, there was only time to visit Heidi Hunter.

Heidi Hunter not only is an awesome quilt artist, but also she produces stunning drawings and photographs, as well as she imports beautiful shoes from Mexico. She has a whimsical little house on her property to show off her drawings, photos and imported shoes. I couldn’t help but snap a couple of pictures of the little house since it is so colourful and eye-catching in itself.

It was late in the afternoon and it had been raining off and on. In fact, we were drenched in a cats-and-dogs downpour in Winnipeg Beach during the afternoon. I can never resist a few shots of a stormy sky, so we ended up at a very secluded beach at the end of a long dirt road through a marsh. It is one of my favourite beaches since it is frequently deserted even in the height of summer and all you can hear is the wind and the wash of the waves on the sand. I took these pictures of the storm clouds on the beach there.


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