A Workshop with Heidi Hunter

The Manitoba Interlake is busy this time of year. Lots of people at the beach – Winnipeg Beach, Gimli and the other beach. Lots of activities – concerts, shows, and so on. And a workshop at Heidi Hunter at the Runs with Scissors. Heidi has an art studio near Winnipeg Beach, where she makes fibre and other art, gives workshops and produces “Proutopia”. 

Hubby and I had the opportunity to spend the day with Heidi last week at a workshop for social  media. Heidi is awesome at promotion and you really need that to have people find and enjoy your work these days. We spent the whole day in her bright, airy studio or out in the yard among her colourful fibre creations. 

Near the end of the workshop, we went outside to take pictures of items we’d brought that represented our art. Me? My art is photographs… so I took pictures of what others had brought! 

Here are a few of them. My husband, Vincent Ellin, is a professional bassoonist so there are a couple of pictures of his bassoon and its case. Eliana prepares custom prayer bundles and rituals in Dunnottar, Manitoba. I took several pictures of her bundle preparation materials. 

All in all, a delightful day with Heidi and Runs With Scissors!

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