Icicles on the Beach at Matlock

A Photo Essay about Icicles…

Nights are long in winter and the sun sets early around here in December. The weather has not been what we are used to – instead of subzero temperatures, we’ve been enjoying balmy, almost spring-like weather. Can’t last though. Indeed, we had a snow storm this week and I had to get out the winter jacket for the first time this season.

However, last week, I was able to get up to Lake Winnipeg and get a few shots of the ice on Lake Winnipeg. Not quite frozen over, but every few minutes, a potential ice fisherman would pull up in his truck and go out onto the beach to check the ice – not quite ready… But it will be ready soon.

I explored the beach at Matlock – fantastic icicles decorated every fallen tree and stone along the shore. It’s the last time you will see them until spring – by now, they are covered by the recent snow.

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