Steep Rock, Manitoba – Jewel of the Interlake

Canoes at Steep Rock

Steep Rock is a tiny hamlet on the western shore of Lake Manitoba. It’s known for it’s 10 metre high limestone cliffs. It takes about 3 hours to drive the 215 km from Winnipeg, but the trip is scenic, taking you through almost pristine areas of Manitoba. You take Rte. 6 north and turn off at provincial road 239.

At the end of of road, you come upon a shingle beach on the edge of a turquoise lake, the cliffs towering along the shore on either side. There is a cute little cabana where you can buy Smokies or rent a kayak. The walks along the cliffs are easy and there are some places where you can climb down to the beach. If you are lucky and the lake is not too high, there are caves in the limestone along the beach.

You might wonder why anyone would live in such an isolated area. For one thing, it is drop-dead beautiful! And truly idyllic location for your cottage or your get-away-from-it-all abode.

Steep Rock was originally settled because of the massive limestone quarries, which supplied pulverized limestone for making cement. You can still the the quarries east of town, now filled with beautiful aqua lakes. The limestone was quarried and shipped down to Winnipeg by rail.

It is worth it to stop by the community centre and see the mural, which tells the story of Steep Rock. On the road to the beach, you will see some remnants of the limestone quarries – a real Steam Shovel and a little shay steam engine they used to haul rock from the quarries.

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  1. Christine ! WOW ! Just today I found your Website or is it called a blogg?

    You are a FANTASTIC photographer and I’m SO IMPRESSED by all your beautiful photos from that part of the world.

    I’ll be back later to check it out more. I was reading your interesting story and all the different equipment you used during the years.

    Very high quality photos you show us.

    THANK YOU ! And also thank you for your nice words on FB. / I also like photographing all the years and belonged to a Photo Club in my home town Tranås during my school years back 1940´s. For sure I have 1000 slides in boxes I have not seen för many many years….

    my best wished and best regards to you and family from downunderUlf

  2. Awesome pictures !!! I’ve been to Steeprock lake in the Porcupine Forest (north of swan river), but your Steeprock is even more magical 🙂

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