Trying Out the Fujifilm X70 Camera

Fujifilm makes excellent cameras! About two years ago, I discovered this for myself. I’d heard all the fuss about mirrorless cameras, and being as I constantly fight against an addiction to gear – better known as “GAS”… Well, I just had to try one out.

I do like to limit my gear purchases to stuff I can actually use. But I’ve been known to heed the siren call of another camera bag or some other item I convince myself I just have to have. So in the interests of limiting the financial damage of acquiring yet another camera… I decided to get an entry level model of a mirrorless camera and just try it out. To be honest, I didn’t take them seriously enough to consider laying out big bucks for one anyway. So I started with a Fujiflim X-A1.

I could have just taken a stab and got one of several brand choices. But I went with Fujifilm. But even given the limitations of the X-A1, boy, did it change my mind about mirrorless cameras!

A Love Affair with Fujifilm!

I used it to take a few cat pictures – I always start with some pictures of my cat. She is a very professional model and will pose for as long as you want her. I was just blown away by the quality of the photos I got with this dinky camera!

True, it was very slow to focus and the shutter seemed pretty slow too. But the quality of the picture was marvellous for what it was. I didn’t need any further encouragement to feed the gear addiction – I went out and got the Fujifilm X-T1, their top of the line camera at the time.

I’ve since begun a love affair with Fujifilm cameras. I’d always loved their film when I did film photography. So the digital photos are very reminiscent of their films. Beautiful colours. And the sensor is totally excellent, not to mention the quality of the lenses. I hardly have to do any correction for distortion in Lightroom with those Fujifilm lenses!

I’ve since acquired a number of Fujifilm lenses – and probably I’ll acquire a few more in future. Meanwhile, my Nikons gather dust on the shelf. I’ve found Fujifilm cameras really answer my needs with what I’m looking for in a camera. And they remind me of using my old film cameras – not too bulky, great lenses, and great film-like colours.

So it was only a matter of time before I got seduced by more Fujifilm equipment…

The Fujifilm X70

Back last Christmas, I read a few reviews about the new Fujiflim X70. The X70 is a small, fixed lens camera similar to the much loved Fujifilm X100, but without the view finder. It also has a few other differences from the X100 like a tilting view screen (very handy!) and the controls, although similar, are slightly different.

It looked so small and cute and retro, I decided I just had to have one! I sold the “old” (not really that old!) Fujifilm X-A1 I’d started with for some cash to get the X70.

The Fujifilm X70 is just as great as the reviews lead me to believe. It small enough to fit in a pocket or get shoved in my purse to carry everywhere – just what I needed for “the camera you have with you”. It’s a definite step up from a phone. Although you can get a not-so-bad photo with a phone if you have to, the X70 has the same great sensor as my Fujifilm X-T1. The tilting view screen makes it discrete for street photography. And once you learn to use one Fujifilm camera, the controls are similar enough on the others that there is practically no learning curve.

A Surprise Gift!

I was complete astounded when I was contacted by Fujiflim Canada and informed they wanted to send me a tee-shirt because I was one of the first people in Canada to buy the Fujiflim X70. They also included a hat, a cute little mini-tripod and a pen. I can assure you, I thought the X70 was a fabulous little camera before they ever sent me anything. I was just surprised…

So anyway, time to get out on the street and try it out!

I set myself some limitations in the spirit of using a small, simple camera with a fixed lens – the lens on the Fujifilm X70 is 18mm with a crop factor of 1.5. That makes it about a 27mm if it were a full frame camera. Besides limiting myself to jpegs, I decided to stick to square format as well as black & white in the interest of getting a retro look.

I live in a downtown neighbourhood, so I set out to see what I could photograph. I also limited myself to downloading the images using the Fujifilm App on my iPad and using SnapSeed to process them. In other words, nothing really sophisticated.

Documenting “The Hood”

So here are the results –

As I walked down my street, I saw this battered toy hobby horse in front of a house that is a day care. Oddly enough, my brother had this same toy horse years and years ago. He’d got it for Christmas one year. I guess this one on my street must be pretty old!

Here’s one of my neighbours walking the dog. It was a gorgeous day and there were a lot of dog walkers on the street.

People in my neighbourhood are pretty strict about dogs pooping all over the place. They get militant too. Woe betide the scofflaw that gets caught… I saw this sign on a neighbourhood fence.

I was just passing when dinner time came for these cats. You can just see the owner inside the door with a food bowl.

An interesting door to a home on the next street over from where I live. My neighbourhood is full of interesting homes like this one. A snotty real estate agent once sneeringly called our neighbourhood “old world charm”. But I like it. We didn’t buy our house from him…

A woman was picking through some sale bins of yarn outside the Wolseley Wool Shop. As you can see, it was a great sale!

Transportation by bike is popular where I live. A lot of people don’t have cars since we live near downtown and it’s just easier to get around under “people power”. A lot more environmentally friendly too.

I was happy with the results of some quickie street photos with the Fujifilm X70. On the whole, it really works for street photography. I think it’s bound to become a favourite!

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2 Replies to “Trying Out the Fujifilm X70 Camera”

  1. Since I ‘jumped ship’ and joined the Fuji fraternity I have heard a lot about “falling in love” with their Fuji cameras, Well, I’m afraid I am in that same camp ! Now having recently been in contact with Fuji’s Techguys am even more impressed with this company, as well as the ‘brill’ cameras. I just can’t get to Canada to try them out !!
    regards John

    1. Welcome to “Fuji Land”! Canada is a fabulous place full of great places to take pictures, but a Fujifilm camera will work anywhere – lol. I’m sure you’ll get some awesome shots where you are now. Enjoy your Fuji! They are wonderful cameras, aren’t they?

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