A Visit to St. Leon

It was a gorgeous day last Saturday – we decided to enjoy the nice weather, especially since it was the last weekend of the summer, so we travelled to the southern Manitoba prairie town of St. Leon, a bilingual Manitoba town located in the R.M. of Lorne about a hour and a half southwest of Winnipeg.

A Round Prairie

St. Leon was founded in 1879 in an area known to the aboriginal inhabitants of the area as a “round prairie” because of the rolling hills. The town was founded by settlers from Quebec and Ontario. It was named St. Leon by Bishop Taché in honour of the pontiff of the time, Pope Leo XIII.

St. Leon is famous for both the Wind Farm and the annual salamander migration. The town is located by Lac St. Leon, also known as Round Lake in English. The shore is a bit swampy and lined with reeds for most of the way around. The lake features a hiking trail of about 3 km.

The Interpretive Centre

The St. Leon Interpretation Centre overlooks the lake in the town itself. It features exhibits on the salamanders, the Wind Farm, birds in the area and Living Green. Unfortunately, they closed before we reached St. Leon, so we will have to schedule another visit for the Interpretation Centre…

The trail around Round Lake is also a segment of the TransCanada Trail. We hiked around the lake and enjoyed some gorgeous views, but alas, no salamanders. During the height of the migration in August, apparently hundreds of them can be seen crossing the road! Worth a trip back, I think.

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